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Firm Overview
I graduated from college in 1970 with a degree in Russian and a double minor in history and political science. After college, I joined the United States Air Force. In 1981, I left active military service for the reserves and entered law school at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. I graduated in June of 1984, took the bar examination, and, passing it on my first attempt, was admitted to the Bar in December of 1984. I retired from The United States Air Force Reserves in April, 1990. I am a member of the California State Bar and the San Joaquin County Bar Association. I am a member of the San Joaquin County Bar's Lawyer Referral Panel for serious crimes in which the state is seeking life sentences or gang allegations. I have been an attorney practicing civil and criminal law in The State of California for more than 25 years.

About California Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyer Harry E. Hudson, Jr.

As a personal injury lawyer in California, I have represented clients in personal injury matters as a result of being molested or seriously hurt in automobile and motorcycle accidents. My efforts have resulted in awards totaling more than $1,000,000.00. As a California criminal defense attorney, I have represented defendants accused of crimes including possession of drugs, drug possession for sale, domestic violence, murder, and many others. My efforts on behalf of my clients have resulted in dismissals of cases (including murder charges and domestic violence cases), acquittals (as an example, a murder case where the defendant was found not guilty of all charges), and a reduction in the charges and initial offer by the state in numerous other cases.
Although my practice is now limited to criminal and personal injury cases, I used to represent people and companies in contract , family law, bankruptcy, and business negotiations .That legal experience over two and one-half decades, together with meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures when I was in the service, gives me a unique ability to fashion creative resolutions.
Fees for personal injury cases are contingent. If there is no recovery, there are no attorney fees. Fees in criminal cases are determined case by case. In 25 years, I have not seen any case that was the same as another. The defendants are different (some have prior convictions, some are foreign aliens) which affects tactics and strategies. What the police may or may not have done as well as what witnesses say all have an impact. If you’re seeking one of the most dedicated California criminal lawyers, be sure to call me today.